Metra BSM – 320~620g/ 0.001g (1mg) – Precision Balance

1,155.00 AED2,390.00 AED (Excl. VAT)

Low-cost precision balance, max capacity range: 320g up to 60g / 0.001g (1mg) division,  semi-professional, good for industrial weight checking, extranal calibration

Product Variations

No. Thumbnail Capacity / Division Stock Quantity Price
1 320g / 1mg In
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2 420g / 1mg In
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3 620g / 1mg In
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No. Thumbnail Capacity / Division Stock Quantity Price


  • Available Capacities: 320g | 420g| 520g | 620g
  • Division: 0.001g (1mg)
  • Digits: 6 Digits (000.000)
  • Error: +/- 0.01g max
  • Pan size (tray): 110 mm (rounded)
  • Glass windshield
  • Dimensions (mm): 210x280x350 mm
  • Keys: 7 Keys Power, Tare/Zero, Calibration, Clear, Menu, Function, Data output
  • Functions: Hold, Accumulation, TARE, Zero, Auto Calibration, Auto-Zero
  • 100% Tare range
  • 28 mm LCD display with moon backlight
  • External calibration
  • AC/DC adaptor power supply
  • Zero Tracking
  • Multi-Standard weighing units include: g/ct/oz
  • Electromagnetic sensor
  • Simple user-friendly operation
  • Anti-slip adjustable leveling feet
  • Large stainless steel pan
  • Overload protection
  • Interface: USB, RS232; Standard 1500V isolation USB port, easy to connect with PC
  • Direct access to the Windows system, easy to connect to Windows software like word, excels, etc.



Additional information

Capacity / Division

320g / 1mg, 420g / 1mg, 620g / 1mg

Scale Division

0.001g (1mg)

Scale Capacity Range (Table, Balances)