Terms and conditions



The terms and conditions in the invoice will the final.



Any terms and conditions mentioned in any PO sent to Petra is not valid/approved/accepted.

PO Reference can be entered on estimate, PI, invoice for reference only, how ever terms and conditions will not approved or accepted.




Ex-work in/from our facility that Petra will specify for:-

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Calibration
  • Repair
  • Documents
  • After sales service
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Programming
  • Demonstration
  • Return
  • Refund
  • Exchange


Payments Currency

AED/Dhs (United Arab Emirates Dirham)

Payment Method:

  • Cash
  • Bank

Payment terms:

  • Cash on collection: for standard ready commodity
  • Local delivery: Advance
  • International sales: Advance
  • Special Installation, repair/service, 3rd calibration certificate, customization/nonstandard: Advance

Advance Payment Method:

  • Cash
  • Chq
  • By Bank Counter: Chq and Cash
  • TT/ Money Transfer
  • CDM (Cash/Chq Deposit Machine) to bank account

Cash on Delivery (COD)

  • No cash on delivery for any location. Should be all in advance
    ** Can be provided to customer with a good history
  • Can be accepted for elegable models/brands
  • Should be small size comodety basic models
  • Low cost

Cheque on Delivery (CDC or PDC)

  • No CDC will be accepted from any customer. They can deposit to our account
    ** Can be provided to customer with a good history and for repeated material
  • No CDCon delivery for any location. Should be all in advance.
  • Need special pre-approval
  • Usually not accepted 
  • May require: company profile, trade license copy, expected chq number, proof of previous multiple cash transactions with Petra
  • Requst form may needed


  • Not accepted

Advance Payment Considered Receiving date:

  • Cash by hand: Immediate
  • Chq/TT/Money Transfer: Bank credit date

Any other payments required or on behalf of the purchaser to complete the sale, service, delivery…etc will not be accepted. Such as gate pass, or inspection.
VAT: 5% tax (VAT) to be added to the invoice value for all sales.



  • Ex-work in/from our facility that Petra will specify
  • No Free Delivery.
  • Instead of discount they can get free delivery, But in the Invoice it should be mentioned as courier charges non refundable.

Collection time:

Product will be shipped from our facility:-

  • Standard products in stock: 1-3 days
  • Standard products with 3rd party calibration certificate: 2-4 days
  • Non-standard, customized, back-order: to be specified.

Handling Coordination for Delivery:

  • Inform the courier company to contact the customer and get all necessary documents.
  • From our end we will only initiate.
  • If courier company is handling everything A- Z then we can provide free delivery
  • If Petra is involving in any of the process then there will be handling charges of AED 15, this is applicable only for standard areas 
  • *** Non standard area, remote area, freezones are not covered under handling.
  • If PETRA is involving in any of the process and payment is cash on delivery then there will be handling charges of AED 20
  • If there is any Gatepass applicable , PETRA Can’t handle. 
  • Courier companies should be shown in our website.

Returns & Exchanges

Returns & Exchanges

Return and exchange are not acceptable! Unless Petra agrees to that

  • We may accept returns within 14 days of shipment for some eligible items and cases.
    • Backorder items / Customized   – cannot be returned or exchanged
    • Eligible items for return will be: –
      • Standard commodity items
      • Brand New condition. ( Not used or open)
      • The package should be in the same condition as received (New)

If accepted, then below will apply.

  • Contact Us: Via ……
  • In some cases, you will need to send it back directly to the manufacturer so please make sure you contact us first
  • You can use courier company; we recommend Speedline courier.
  • When sending back a product please keep in mind that all products being returned must be in the original box he manuals, parts and paperwork intact.
  • After we receive the product back, please give us a few days to prosses the return and give you a refund
  • There is a 20% restocking fee.
  • Custom items and services including calibration certificate, installation, programming, customizations, calibrated weights and calibrated weight sets are non-returnable
  • Shipping charges are non-returnable.
  • We do not pay for return shipping.
  • Used Items can be returned or exchanged

Calibration Certificate - 3rd Party EiAC

Calibration Certificate - 3rd Party EiAC

Optional for the types below 

International Export

International export dangerous good clearance/confirmation

Location as ex-works

Location as ex-works

Dubai based: complimentary site visit based ( But the end decision will be made by the manager)

Promotions / Special Offers

Promotions / Special Offers

Limited promotions, discount, or offers will not be be quoted or sent in PI

Material booking & Cancellation

Advance payment done by customer – can cancel it within 7 days for standard item


Warranty - Onsite support(After-sales customer service):

  • No Free Onsite service support
  • Customer must pay the traveling & visitation charges for the site visit.
  • Only the parts can be fixed for free of cost if it is a warranty issue.
  • But site visitation and labor costs are to be paid.
  • If the customer wants to have onsite support they have to additional warranty package or AMC which is similar to HP or Lenovo
    ** Later on after deciding with courier company, item can be collected free of cost. If the issue is not because of warranty then the customer has to pay the courier charges.

Free Onsite support ( Exception based on approval): -

  • It must be proven that it is a warranty issue
  • It should be within the Main City Limits of Dubai without any access restriction/limitations 
  • eg: International City, Ras Al Khor, Al Quoz can be accepted
  • Free zone areas cannot be accepted. Eg: JAFZA, DAFZA, SAIF Zone, Hamrya Free Zone, Port Khalid, Cargo Village, Airport Areas, DWC, Arabian ranches, Military Camps, Downtown, Burjkhalifa, Hotels, customer with time restriction areas / special access, Nonstandard areas, out of city limit.

Recommended Courier Companies

  • Fly Express – 04 267 9151
  • Speedline – Mr. Sreejith – +971582171594