EOSLIFT H10J Hand Manual Stacker

1,835.00 AED (Excl. VAT)

H10J Hand Manual Stacker is Used for loading goods onto or unloading goods from pallets and stacking goods, Compact truck body, especially suitable for narrow aisles and small spaces Straddle and forged forks available.


  • Equipped with reinforced safety grid (the grids and mounting screws are integrated)
  • Press resistant caster bracket protects the operator from injuries
  • Ergonomic handle for easier lifting and lowering of truck
  • Foot pedal provides an additional option for convenient lifting
  • Wheel assemblies with brakes for easy operation

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This quality stacker has several features that makes it stand out as a dependable product.  Using modern robotic welding technology, this truck provides a superior finish and durability.  The legs are ruggedly built with C-channel formed steel.  A solid, chrome-plated ram and piston minimize corrosion while the fully enclosed pump seals out contaminants and prevents oil leaks.  The overloaded valve is designed to prevent misuse and increase longevity, and the whole unit provides easy access to lubrication points for easy maintenance.  The German-engineered high quality poly seals ensure excellent performance.The stacker uses a manual jack mechanism to raise its load, and is able to lift to a height of 63″.  The lift hydraulics are activated by using either the foot pedal or the hand lever.

The 7″ poly steel wheels are designed to provide exceptional maneuverability, while the front rollers and adjustable tapered fork design offer easy and fast pallet entry and exit.  This pallet truck uses the standard EOSLIFT handle with an ergonomic loop design to reduce fatigue and operators, and the hydraulic handle offers control positions for lower and neutral.

    • Capacity : 1000Kg / 2200 LB
    • Fork Length: 42″
    • Max Lift Height:63 “
    • Polyurethane Wheels
    • Seal rings conforming to German standards ensure excellent performance
    • Frame constructed of high-strength C type steel, especially for double frame
    • series which will be more stable when lifting and lowering
    • The cylinders use high precision drawn tubes which prevents the seal rings from damage and leakage