SHIMADZU ATY Series Analytical Balances – 220g / 0.1mg

3,810.00 AED (Excl. VAT)

Economical Analytical Balance Equipped with UniBloc

  • Adopts UniBloc, which provides excellent impact resistance, responsiveness, and stability
  • Equipped with the Easy Setting function, so responsiveness and stability can be adjusted during measurements
  • Buy a separately available I/O–RS cable to import the results to a PC
    (Equipped with the Balance Keys function)



Internal Calibration (ATX  models)

The ATX balance has built-in motor-driven calibration weights.
Sensitivity can be calibrated whenever needed by a single keypress.

Piece Counting

A built-in piece counting function enables balances to be used as parts counters (piece scales).


This displays pass, high, or low judgments.

Formulation Mode

This is convenient when formulating (preparing) multiple substances.

% Percentage Measurement

Measures a percentage value with respect to a preset reference.

Multiple weighing units

In addition to grams (g), weigh in ct, mg, oz, etc. or a custom conversion units.

Comparator Function

Compare samples to target values or pass/fail criteria and clearly
indicate the results.

WindowsDirect Communication Function

Send balance data to Excel or other Windows applications
without any data communication, software installation required.
By combining standard AutoPrint functions with typical
spreadsheet functions, even difficult applications can be easily
*RS232C interface is needed.

Easy Setting

Easy Setting



Model ATX84 ATX124 ATX224 ATX324 ATY64 ATY124 ATY224 ATY324
Capacity 82 g 120 g 220 g 320 g 62 g 120 g 220 g 320 g
Minimum Display 0.1 mg
Repeatability (Standard Deviation) ≤0.1 mg
Linearity  ±0.2 mg
Stabilization Time*1  Approx. 3.0 seconds
Operating Temperature and Humidity Limits  5-40°C 20-85%*2
Temperature Coefficient for Sensitivity (10-30°C)  ±2ppm/°C
Pan Size (mm) approx.  Φ91
Main Body Dimensions (mm) approx.  213(W) x 356(D) x 338(H)
Main Body Weight (kg) approx.  6.2  6.0
Power requirement  12V, 1A
Internal Calibration

*1 The Stabilisation time is a representative value
*2 No condensation



Additional information






0.1 mg

Scale Capacity Range (Table, Balances)


Scale Division

0.0001g (0.1mg)

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Brochure : ATX/ATY Series