Mastech MS6812 Cable Tracker

97.00 AED (Excl. VAT)


The Cable Tracker is designed to identify and trace wires or cables within a group without damaging the insulation. For telephone line, it can identify some state in the line, and more convenience to install, debug, maintain telephone line. There are a Sender(MS6812-T) and a Receiver (MS6812-R) included in The Cable Tracker.


  • Tone Generator Output (Square Waveform):

– Single (1500Hz)

– Dual (1300~1500Hz)

  • Send Tone Frequency: 1.5kHz
  • Receive Frequency: 100Hz~300kHz
  • Instruction: Sound and Light
  • Cont and Tone LED Light


  • Power Supply: 2*9V 6F22 Battery
  • Receive Size: R: 238mm*43mm*26mm/9.4″*1.7″*1.0″
  • Emitter Size: T: 145mm*35mm*25mm/5.7″*1.38″*0.98″
  • Receive Weight: R: 71g/0.16Ib
  • Emitter Weight: T: 87g/0.2lb
  • Safety Rating: CE(EMC) RoHS


  • Judge Continuity of the Cable or Wires
  • Track the Cables or Wires, and Diagnose the Break Point
  • Receive the Tone Signal on the Cables or Wires (Telephone Line)
  • Identify the State in the Working Telephone Line (Clear, Ringing, Busy)
  • Send a Single Solid or a Dual Alternating Tone to the Target Cables or Wires.


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100 ~ 300kHz