Mastech MS6701 Digital Sound Level Meter

559.00 AED (Excl. VAT)

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MASTECH (Digital Sound Level Meter) has been designed according to the IEC651 Type2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2.


  • Accuracy: +-1.5dB
  • Response frequency: 31.5Hz-8kHz
  • Dynamic range: 50dB
  • Frequency Weighting: A\C
  • Time weighting: FAST 125ms, SLOW 1sec
  • Microphone: Electret Condenser microphone
  • Digital Display: 4 digitals, resolution 0.1dB, sampling rate 2 times/s
  • Analog bar display: Each analog bar is as 1 dB, sampling rate 20 times/s
  • Measurement ranges: 30-80dB, 40-90dB, 50-100dB, 60-110dB, 70-120dB, 80-130dB, Total of 6 ranges
  • Auto-range: Micro-computer can choose the best measurement ranges
  • Over range indicator: UNDER (less than range) and OVER (over range)
  • AC signal output: 0.707 Vrms at FS (Auto-range mode isn’t included) Output impedance approx. 600Ω
  • DC signal output: 10mV/dB Output impedance approx.100Ω
  • Power supply: Four LR03 AM4 1.5V SIZE AAA alkaline cells
  • Power life: About>35hrs (alkaline cells) Continuous operation
  • AC adapter: Voltage 9vDC
  • Voltage ripple < 100mVpp
  • Supply Current >100mADC
  • Socket pin Ground
  • Casing positive
  • External Diameter 3.5mm
  • Data recording: 16000 data (extended to 128000 data)
  • Operating temperature: 0℃ to +40℃
  • Operating humidity: 10~80%RH
  • Storage temperature: -10℃ to 60℃
  • Storage humidity: 10 to 70%RH
  • Dimensions: 245(L)x80(W)x35(H)mm
  • Weight: Approx. 350g (including battery)
  • Safety rating: CE(EMC) RoHS



  • Display: 2000 counts
  • Data Logging: 16000 records
  • Auto Ranging
  • Auto Power Off
  • AC Singal Output: 0.707 Vrms at FS (Auto-range mode isn’t included) Output impedance approx.600Ω
  • DC Singal Output: 10mV/dB Output impedance approx.100Ω
  • AC Adapter

– Voltage 9VDC

– Voltage Ripple <100m Vpp

– Supple Current >100m ADC

– Socket: pin Ground

– Casing Positive

– External Diameter 3.5mm

  • Fast
  • Low
  • A Weighting
  • B Weighting
  • Date and Time Display
  • MAX
  • Data Hold
  • Display Backlight
  • Low Battery Display
  • Analog Bar Indication
  • Over Range Indication
  • RS-232 Pclink
  • USB Interface



Specification Range Resolution Accuracy
Sound Pressure 30dB~80dB 0.1dB +-1.5dB
40dB~90dB 0.1dB +-1.5dB
50dB~100dB 0.1dB +-1.5dB
60dB~110dB 0.1dB +-1.5dB
70dB~120dB 0.1dB +-1.5dB
80dB~130dB 0.1dB +-1.5dB
Sample Rate 2 times/s
Dynamic 50dB
Frequency 31.5Hz~8KHz



mastech brand logo - measuring instrument manufacturer