Mastech MS6252A Digital Anemometer

242.00 AED (Excl. VAT)

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MS6252A is a digital anemometer for measuring the ambient temperature, humidity, dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, wind speed, and air volume. This is a portable, professional measuring instrument with large-screen LCD and backlight, multi-unit switching functions. This can be used for hand-held or fixed measurement with the functions of reading hold, maximum, minimum, etc.


  • Display: 9999 counts
  • Color Display: Auto Power Off
  • Flow Area Setting
  • ℃ / ℉ Selection
  • Data Hold
  • Display Backlight
  • Low Battery Display


  • Work height: Maximum 2000m
  • Work mode: Frequency of wind speed conversion
  • Display LCD
  • Maximum show value: 9999
  • Sampling time: About 0.4s/time
  • Low battery indicator: sign displays on LCD.
  • Work power: 1*9V 6F22 battery.
  • Operation environment:
  • Relative humidity — 0~85%RH, no moisture condensation.
  • Temperature — 0℃~40℃, no moisture condensation.
  • Storage environment:
  • Relative humidity — 0~80%RH, no moisture condensation.
  • Temperature — 10℃~50℃, no moisture condensation.
  • Dimension: Meter — 165L*85W*38Hmm
  • Weight: About 200g
  • Safety rating: CE RoHS


Specification Range Accuracy
m/s(meter per second) 0.80~30.00 m/s +-(2.0%+50)
30.00~40.00 m/s For Reference only
km/h(kilometer per hour) 1.40~108.00 km/h +-(2.0%+50)
108.00~144.00 km/h For Reference only
ft/s(feet per second) 1.30~98.50 ft/s +-(2.0%+50)
98.50~131.20 ft/s For Reference only
knot(nautical miles per hour) 0.80~58.30 knots +-(2.0%+50)
58.30~77.70 knots For Reference only
mile/h(mile per hour) 0.90~67.20 mil/h +-(2.0%+50)
67.20~90.00 mil/h For Reference only
ft/m(feet per minute) 78~5900 ft/m +-(2.0%+50)
5900~7874 ft/m For Reference only
Air Volume Unit CFM 0~9.9990ft²
CMM 0~9.9990m²
CMS 0~9.999m²



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0.80~30.00 m/s