iGaging Magnetic Base Flexible Flex Arm 1”/ .001″ Dial Indicator

270.00 AED (Excl. VAT)

  • Range: 1″ (inch)
  • Graduations: 001” per line, 0.1” per revolution
  • Flexible arm with lever lock.
  • Magnet base: 176 lbs. (80 Kg) holding power


Part no.: 34-102


Dial Indicator: Fine-tune your machinery by adding a dial indicator to your set of tools. This 1″ stroke dial indicator features large, easy to read numbers and crisp graduations. Each revolution is 0.100″, indicated by the revolution counter. The resolution is 0.001″. There is a mounting lug on the back of the case.


  • Easy to read 2-1/4” white face with black markings
  • Crisp graduations
  • Durable satin chrome finish
  • Spindle rack pinions and gear trains are made of high-quality steel components ensuring long life
  • Built to AGD specifications
  • Vertical lug back configuration
  • Graduations: 0.001” per line, 0.1” per revolution

Magnetic Base: Attach this powerful magnet to flat or round surfaces. Move with the flexible shaft and lock it anywhere.


  • Flexible arm with lever lock.
  • Accepts all AGD indicators
  • Offers easy cam lever locking
  • Total arm length: 12″
  • The magnetic base has 176 lbs. (80 Kg) holding power
  • V-Groove base allows mounting it on cylindrical surfaces



iGaging part number: 34-102



Additional information




1" (inch)


0.001" per line, 0.1'' per revolution

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